Sunday, January 20, 2019

A New Churchill and Roosevelt?

By Shoula Romano Horing | American Thinker

Where’s the Outrage over Kerry’s Collusion with Iran?

by Jonathan S. Tobin | National Review

Karl Marx, You Were Wrong

by Ben Shapiro | National Review

A Tale of Two Babies

by Derek Hunter | Townhall

3 Takeaways From The Historic North And South Korea Summit

by Helen Raleigh | The Federalist

2018 Inter-Korean Summit | In 60 seconds

AEI's Nicholas Eberstadt argues that, if history is any indicator, breakthroughs are unlikely at the latest meeting between North and South Korea.  

European Parliament Member Introduces ‘Alfie’s Law’

by Mairead Mcardle | National Review

The United Kingdom, Socialism, and the Dignity of Life

by Steve McCann | American Thinker

What Alfie Evans’ State-Ordered Execution Is Really About

by Steve Deace | Conservative Review

Who Controls Your Kids’ Lives?

by Ben Shapiro | Townhall

The State-Ordered Killing of Young Alfie Evans

by John O'Sullivan | National Review

How to Meet the Strategic Challenge Posed by China

by David P. Goldman | Hillsdale College 

Earth Day 2018: Let’s Appreciate Fossil Fuel

by Mark J. Perry | American Enterprise Institute