Sunday, January 20, 2019

Reforming U.S. Food Aid Can Feed Millions More at the Same Cost

by Brett D. Schaefer | National Review

Why Estonia—Yes, Estonia—Is Suddenly One of the Wealthiest Countries in Eastern Europe (and the...

by Luis Pablo De La Horra of Intellectual Takeout   The question on why some countries are rich and prosperous whereas others seem to be condemned to...

Renewed US Leadership Blocks Abortion Agenda at the UN

by Elyssa Koren - The Daily Signal

How to Meet the Strategic Challenge Posed by China

by David P. Goldman | Hillsdale College 

Where’s the Outrage over Kerry’s Collusion with Iran?

by Jonathan S. Tobin | National Review

2018 Inter-Korean Summit | In 60 seconds

AEI's Nicholas Eberstadt argues that, if history is any indicator, breakthroughs are unlikely at the latest meeting between North and South Korea.  

Why Saudi Women Want Muscle Cars Now That They’re Allowed To Drive

Here in the United States, we women hop into our cars every day and go about our businesses without thinking how extraordinary it is...

Making Italy Great Again

by Peter Schiff via Euro Pacific Capital This week, market watchers around the world are justifiably fixated with the high-stakes, high-drama political developments unfolding in...

Data privacy debacle down under: Is Australia’s My Health Record doomed?

Australia — the “lucky country” whose foray into building a government-funded nationwide fiber network has resulted in cost blowouts, uptake disappointments, regulatory wrinkles, and system redesigns — may be on...

The United Kingdom, Socialism, and the Dignity of Life

by Steve McCann | American Thinker

The UN Redefines What It Means to Be a ‘Human’

In blatant violation of international law, the United Nations Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights has unveiled a startling new campaign that...

[AUDIO] The Full History of the Palestinian State Hoax

  In light of the the US officially opening it's embassy in Jerusalem today and recognizing the eternal capital of the state of Israel, listen...

‘Wrong Turn’ in Venezuela? Nonsense!

Venezuela is “experiencing problems”, because the country has taken a “wrong turn”, Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell remarked over the weekend. That is a bit of...

Karl Marx, You Were Wrong

by Ben Shapiro | National Review

North and South Korea Prepared to Declare End of War

by Mairead Mcardle | National Review

[VIDEO] The Suicide of Europe | PragerU

  Douglas Murray, author of The Strange Death of Europe, explains two major causes of Europe’s impending downfall.