Thursday, May 24, 2018

The Consequences of Historical Ignorance

by Jarrett Stepman | The Daily Signal

Invest Education Dollars Wisely

by Corey A. DeAngelis | CATO Institute

The Universal Fraud of Universal Education

by Walter E. Williams | Conservative Review

Abolish the Department of Education

by Jen Kuznicki - Conservative Review

Double for Nothing? Experimental Evidence on an Unconditional Teacher Salary Increase in Indonesia

By Joppe de Ree, Menno Pradhan, and Halsey Rogers - CATO Institute

Striking Teachers To Parents: Nice Little School Ya Got There. Be A Shame If...

By Timothy Benson - The Federalist Teacher strikes are firmly in the National Lampoon ‘if-you-don’t-buy-this-magazine-we’ll-kill-this-dog’ school of negotiating.

It’s Time To Teach The Bible In Public Schools

By David Marcus - The Federalist