[VIDEO] How To Get The Best From Brexit With Daniel Hannan | Uncommon Knowledge

Peter Robinson sits down with British writer, journalist, and politician Daniel Hannan for the latest episode of Uncommon Knowledge to discuss Brexit.

Was the Brexit result a function of xenophobia or national sovereignty? [9min]

What was ‘project fear’? [10min55] 

Why did David Cameron resign after the leave vote succeeded? [12min40]

How did Theresa May get elected as Prime Minister despite being a proponent of the ‘remain’ campaign [13min55]

What’s going to happen between now and March 29, 2019? What’s the difference between a ‘hard’ and ‘soft’ exit? [20min20]

On the psychology of the European Union of those attempting to build the EU experiment [26min20]

Nicholas Soames, conservative member of parliament and grandson of Churchill said during the referendum debate that his grandfather would have voted remain. [32min20]

What doe Brexit mean for the United States? [33min30]

Describing Britain in 2023 [34min51]

Source: Uncommon Knowledge



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