[VIDEO] Jordan Peterson vs. “Social Justice Warriors” | Stossel

It should be as discreditable to say that you're a Marxist as it is to say that you're a Nazi

Stossel and Peterson talk about Social Justice Warriors (SJWs), Marxism, compelled government speech, academia, and other things.

First off, they discuss free speech and government compelled speech:

STOSSEL: Somebody wants to be called Z or ZIR, why not?
PETERSON: I don’t care what people want to be called, that’s fine. But that doesn’t mean I should be compelled by law to call them that. The government has absolutely no business whatsoever, ever governing the content of your voluntary speech.
STOSSEL: But if I personally said I’d like you to call me Z or Zen?
PETERSON: We could have a conversation about, that just like I would if you asked me to use a nickname for example. But there’s a big difference between privately negotiated modes of address and legislatively demanded compelled speech.
The discussion then moves to Marxism:
STOSSEL: Social justice is different from justice. Social justice generally means justice for groups of people. It assumes every group, women, blacks, whites, should have the same income, job preference, everything. Peterson says this is an idea that comes from Marxist professors. It’s a little discredited now to say I’m a Marxist?
PETERSON:  Yeah you’d think so wouldn’t you. Except I think it’s one in five social scientists identify as Marxist. So yeah it’s a little discredited but it’s nowhere near discredited enough. It should be as discreditable to say that you’re a Marxist as it is to say that you’re a Nazi….  We’ve got a hundred million corpses stacked up to demonstrate.
STOSSEL:  Murderous then, but they say, Stalin was a bad individual, doesn’t mean
PETERSON:  Yeah, so was Mao, so was Pol Pott. The thing is, is it was tried everywhere and the end consequence was always the same. I’ve heard this all many many times –  that wasn’t real communism you know. What that means is that if I would have been the benevolent dictator in the place of Stalin, then I would have brought in the Utopia. There isn’t a more narcissistic, and toxic, and inexcusable statement that you can possibly make.

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