[VIDEO] Larry Elder: Democrats’ Hypocrisy on the Catastrophic Education System


Here’s a brief excerpt (10min02) from a recent speech given by Larry Elder where he talks about education and the hypocrisy of the left, the power of the market, self-improvement and the benefits of tax cuts, among other things.

Below are a few great quotes from the speech:

Larry talks about black people voting Democrat:

“Why 95 percent of black people go in and pull the lever for a party that says I don’t care whether or not your kids gonna go to a none Department under-performing public school and I don’t care that you don’t care he’s going how somebody can pull the lever for that party is beyond me if there is a route to the middle class what is it other than education.”
Comments on the benefits of Reagan’s tax cuts:
“I had Tavis Smiley on my show once and he had Cornel West with him…. I said I said Tavis, during the Reagan years black adult unemployment fell faster than did white adult unemployment. Hispanic unemployment fell faster than did white unemployment. Black teenage unemployment fell faster than did white teenage unemployment. All because Ronald Reagan cut the top marginal tax rate from seventy percent to twenty eight percent you put money in the pockets of producers and they produce.
Tavis said that’s not true those numbers are wrong I’ll have the correct numbers for you on Monday…. that was six years ago.”
On creating personal value:
Booker T Washington said: “Whenever a Negro boy learns to cook to sew, the practice medicine as well as or better than anybody else, he or she will be rewarded.” The world wants the best.
On self-improvement:
The point I’m making of course is that invest in yourself make yourself a value to the community and the way you do that is through hard work self investment self-improvement and education there’s no other route if there is I’d have found it.
He mentions a report by the CATO Institute that studied the effects of tax cuts under Ronal Reagan that can be found below:

Cato Institute Policy Analysis No. 261:
Supply-Side Tax Cuts and the Truth about the Reagan Economic Record

Read the report here.
If you haven’t already seen it, here’s a terrific video Elder did for Prager University a few years ago on the importance of having active fathers in the family, and the devastating consequences to the family unit when they aren’t present:

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