[VIDEO] The Rubin Report: Larry Elder Talks Kanye, the Media, and Conservatives

Larry Elder sits down with Dave Rubin to chat Kanye West, the state of racism in America, Trump and much much more.


Larry Elder joins The Rubin Report again for another great interview to discuss among other things Kanye West, racism (or the lack thereof), Trump, Maxine Waters, and the MSM.

Below is just one of many great excerpts from the interview that you should definitely watch in full.

[DR] “I want to get back to what you just said about the reaction to Kanye because the reaction to me it seemed it wasn’t just people were like he’s wrong because he likes Trump
because you know lists for things that are sensible it was you know Candace is far right Kanye’s on opioids ten other smear pieces on both of them etc etc and I think you’re probably very aware of why that is and you kind of hinted at it but can you explain why it’s always so overboard?”

[LE] “Well again anybody who threatens the 95 percent monolithic black vote is an enemy they’ve got to be dealt with they’ve got to be put down and black people have been indoctrinated to believe that racism is this massive massive problem in the world when in fact it isn’t massive massive problem in America when in fact it isn’t yeah I was on CNN the last time I was on this Don Lemon show I reminded them of a 1997 poll that seeing him and Time magazine did where black teenagers and white teenagers were asked is is racism major problem in America I think you and I might have talked about this and more more white teams and black teams that race it was a major problem in America and then when the poll asked is racism a big problem a small problem or no problem in your own daily lives 90% of the black team said a small problem or no problem in my own daily lives that was in 1997. Now that was before Obama and a for Obama got re-elected you’re telling me now things are worse now than they were back then?”
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