[VIDEO]: The Swamp | Episode 1 | Meet the Troublemakers

They didn't run for Congress to serve other congressmen. They're uncensored, they're tough, and they're ready to shake things up ... in The Swamp.

The first episode of The Swamp from CRTV introduces the four congressman that will be giving a first hand account of what happens on Capital Hill behind the veil. Congressman Ken Buck (CO), Rod Blum (IA), Thomas Garrett (VA), and David Brat (VA) give the viewer an honest, straight-talking, and enlightening glimpse at how congress really operates.

Even in the short 8 min episode numerous examples of the swamp abound. Blum describes the incentives inherent within the system that politicians are more than happy to guide their decision-making as follows:

“Here the incentives are ass backwards, upside down. There’s no incentive to save money here. In the private sector I think the incentives for the most part, though not perfect, are very good. Here there’s not an incentive to save money, there’s an incentive to spend money. There’s not an incentive to do what you believe in necessarily, or what you believe to be correct, there’s an incentive to get to ‘yes’, to be on the team. Now, why do you want to be on the team while you’re here? Well, because that’s going to help you do what? Win re-election. It’s going to help you run for governor. It’s going to help you run for the United States Senate, it’s going to help you be the next Speaker of the House. Those to me are not the correct incentives, because nowhere in what I just said are the words’ the people’. The incentives should be all about the people we represent. And more days than not I think everybody is represented in Washington DC other than ‘we the people’.”

Garrett goes on to describe what he believes motivates politicians as they seek not to serve their own constituents, but instead look to advance their own interests:

“Whatever percentage of people are here to perpetuate opportunity and freedom, and the ability of individuals to make choices for themselves, verses the number of people who are here to perpetuate their name, to be important, or be B list or C list celebrities, or to have people call them sir, or ma’am, or madame, or Mr congressman, it’s all stupid.”

Be sure to catch the next episode for another look behind the scenes at how Capital Hill actually operates.

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  1. “The Swamp”
    The political SWAMP is filled with blinded, bickering, self-seeking … slithering snakes
    In their nests they multiple campaigners: beguiling, back-slapping, back-biting FAKERS
    They are self-serving takers … these masters of murmurs are malicious MUCKRAKERS

    Tweeting with vengeance their VILE-FULL vignettes
    Swamp snakes have NO conscious & can’t speak regrets
    They love spewing venom and HISSING their threats

    Should snakes-in-the-grass have a pass to HARASS?
    To create division & confusion in their muddled MORASS

    In their EGO-ecosystem … the self-deceived swamp creatures do not perceive they are snakes
    The like-minded, liberals are surly, solipsistic serpents … this is TRUTH … do not mistake
    There is no virtue or honor in SNAKE-handshakes … just headaches & heartaches
    Cunning creatures are snakes … with flicking tongues EMPTY-promises they make
    Calculating & shrewd … with forked tongues WORTHLESS-promises they break

    The left-sided swamp does not want a WALL … belligerent, blackballers just want Trumps downfall
    The “DREAMERS” are merely political pawns: plastic-platitudes and verbal-volleyball to disenthrall

    Snakes take great pleasure in sneaking & LEAKING … but fail to hide their reptilian guise
    These losing LIARS think they are wise … but they are without question duplicitous spies
    Accusers, obscurers … inciting impeachers … infectors, informers … inventors of LIES

    These vipers love vitriol but TRUTH they despise
    They conspire like cobras to devise Trump’s demise

    When snakes look in the mirror … the image they see …is merely their own TRICKERY
    Blatantly, bitingly, baselessly blaming … damnably, dastardly & determined in DEVILRY

    Hindering & whispering … plotting & planning their devilish SCHEMES
    They are misguided & INTOLERANT … filled with wrong-minded dreams

    Serpent swamp-talking is barbing … mindless mocking & BLOCKING
    Brooding & damming … dredging up dirt they hope will be SHOCKING

    Their boldness and BLINDNESS … is brainless and pointless
    These snakes are not nameless but oh they are SHAMELESS

    PRIDE-FULL creatures: some names rhyme with rumor and … stings-like-a-bee
    With glaring double-standards …they are full of themselves and HYPOCRISY

    No veils to hide REVILING … behind crocodile smiles
    It is words and behaviors that reveal the REPTILES

    No matter how many times a SNAKE sheds its skin
    The snake slithers off … but the SWAMP lives within

    ~ by Fay Marmalich-Vietmeier

    Personal note:
    Right-thinking produces right actions and good outcomes
    Wrong-thinking produces wrong actions and poor outcomes
    This principle is as sure as gravity

    As I observe the world around me there seems to be a complete breakdown in people’s ability to think, see or hear clearly. I wrote this poem in response to the wrong-minded & wrong-hearted dwellers of the swamp kingdom … The Swamp residents clearly DO NOT have that ability.
    The swamp-mindset is not limited by any border or party … it is aimed at dividing, destroying and distracting “right” leadership. However it is very obvious to those who can see & hear that “The Swamp” has a clear majority of left-leaning inhabitants.

    I have been saying for many years that physical problems require physical cures & spiritual problems require spiritual cures.
    The “Swamp” is a SPIRITUAL problem.

    Blind eyes, deaf ears & hard hearts are conditions that only God can heal.
    (Matthew 13)

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